Reach a global audience playing Roblox

Innovative ad formats at scale, custom activations, and powerful performance analytics, to help you put your brand's best foot forward in the Roblox metaverse.

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Ad Formats

Innovative ad formats designed for the metaverse

Images and GIFs

Familiar display ads that appear on in-game ad units.

Interactive 3D Models

Characters and other 3D models that engage players.

Custom Activations

Integrations into existing games and custom new game builds.

Campaign Features

Scale you want; targeting and measurement you need.

We reach a global audience of more than 70 million players in Roblox with the ability to target and measure your performance.


Monetize with ads that only take minutes to setup and generate significant revenue.

3D Viewability

Use powerful analytics designed to help you improve your game’s sales revenue.


Integrate brands into your game to boost your game’s revenue and engagement.

Brand and Kid Safe

Join a community of devs working on their games and growing together.


IAB in-game viewability standards with 10 second impressions

10 Second Impressions

Super Biz impressions are industry leading for the number of seconds needed to record an impression.

Line of Site Analysis

Ads validate line of sight by detecting when an ad is on screen and unobstructed by objects.

Spatial Analysis

Ads validate viewability thresholds by analyzing an ad’s angle and screen coverage.

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