Press Release

October 7, 2021

Bloxbiz Joins Super League Gaming

Bloxbiz has been acquired by Super League Gaming.

We're excited to announce that Bloxbiz has been acquired by Super League Gaming!

We started Bloxbiz with the goal of improving economics for metaverse creators. Now with the support of Super League, we’ll be able to accelerate towards that mission.

Our relationship with Super League started soon after launching Bloxbiz. It became clear that we have a shared commitment to supporting creators within gaming who are hard at work trying to turn their passion into a livelihood. We’re excited to be joining the Super League team and help expand their growing presence across metaverse platforms.

For our game developers and advertising partners, rest assured that Bloxbiz will continue to operate as it does now. Over time, with the additional resources and support from Super League, you’ll start to see us improve Bloxbiz at an even faster pace.

We are excited about this next chapter for Bloxbiz and thankful for all of the partners who have put their trust in us so far. We value our relationship with you and look forward to showing you what we can do next.

Sam & Ben, Co-Founders of Bloxbiz

Products and services from monetization to measurement for games and brands growing in the metaverse.