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The most powerful analytics available for brands that want measured results for their activations in Roblox.

Measurement for your Roblox Activations

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Understand your game's demo, engagement, & sales.


Understand your brand's performance in a game.


Understand ad viewabiltiy and the engaged audience.

Measured outcomes, happy stakeholders.

Brand Lift Studies. Learn how players perceive your brand and if your ads help.

Powerful Reporting. Detailed metrics and granular breakdowns for all campaigns.

The added income from working together so far has helped secure more developers on our team, and to me, really solidified the potential in-game ads have for the future of monetization


Creator @ Gacha Online

I can see Bloxbiz becoming a standard among developers to make some extra cash from their players, including players that would normally be non-payers. From a player's perspective, I don't see it being a negative experience.


Developer @ Eclipsis

We were able to customize the Bloxbiz ads to fit naturally in the lobby and match Cube Defense's style. They fill up space that was previously empty and boring.


Developer @ Cube Defense

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