Case Study

June 9, 2021

Spirit Untamed Campaign

The Spirit Untamed campaign reached more than 420,000 people across a collection of Bloxbiz's Roblox game partners. People who saw the ads were 27% more likely to watch the film and 33% more likely to recommend the film to a friend.

Universal Pictures ran an awareness campaign with Bloxbiz to promote the release of DreamWorks' Spirit Untamed.

Spirit Untamed is an animated film by DreamWorks that is distributed by Universal Pictures. Bloxbiz worked with Super League Gaming to run the campaign for Universal Pictures.

Key Results

  • Reach: 420,000+ people
  • Exposure time: 9,700+ hours
  • Likelihood to watch: 27%+ lift
  • Likelihood to recommend to a friend: 33%+ lift


Spirit Untamed is a film about a young girl's fearless adventures after befriending a horse. With Bloxbiz, Universal Pictures advertised the film to players in the US in a segment of games that skewed towards under 13 year olds in the few weeks leading up to the release.

Ads were dynamically served to in-game ad units across a collection of Bloxbiz's game partners. The ads look like billboards, posters, and signs that fit natively into game environments – much like out-of-home advertising, but in the virtual worlds of Roblox games.

In-game impressions were measured with Bloxbiz's advanced viewability technology. Bloxbiz has a leading standard for in-game impressions: impressions are 10 seconds of cumulative view time and measure if ads meet the IAB requirements for in-game viewability by observing if ads are on screen, unobstructed, meet a screen coverage threshold, and other requirements.

Leading up to the release of the film, one creative was used to emphasize the release date for Spirit Untamed in theaters. Then, after the release, the creative was swapped out for a new creative that emphasized the film was now available to watch in theaters.

In order to help the campaign reach more players, a frequency cap was added to the campaign mid-flight. After the optimization, all teams kept a close eye on the pacing of the campaign by looking at daily reports. The pacing of the campaign continued smoothly as the campaign began to adjust for an increase in reach.


The Spirit Untamed campaign reached more than 420,000 people in under 3 weeks and people had more than 9,700 hours of exposure time (that's more than a year!).

At the end of the campaign, players were polled and asked about their likelihood to watch the film as well as if they would recommend the film to a friend. Players who saw the ads in-game were more than 27% more likely to watch the film and more than 33% more likely to recommend the film to a friend – both statistically significant results.

Overall, the campaign was a success and hit its goals. Learn more about Spirit Untamed and watch it in theaters by visiting their website.

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